Download ready to use climate projections data for 4300 cities worldwide

The Data Shop provides data packages based on IPCC AR5 projections for locations around the world as time series. They are suitable for direct use in climate change impact studies and physical risk assessments as they are statistically processed to reduce model biases and quality controlled (for IPCC AR6 based data please check Ready to use climate projections).


2 IPCC AR5 scenarios

Time series of 20 models and for 2 Representative Concentration Pathways (RCP4.5 and RCP 8.5) spanning 1950 to 2100 in a single data package. 

5 climate variables

5 climate surface variables to choose from daily mean/minimum/maximum temperature, precipitation, and wind speed. Available as daily or monthly time series.

40 climate Indices

A package of over 40 climate indices calculated from climate variables such as heat wave duration, heating degree days or extremely wet days (check the list of indices).

Select your city

Find your city by using the filters below one after the other to narrow down the list of data products. Then select option between monthly and daily time series.